Where to Source Ingredients

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Here’s some “specialty” DIY ingredients you may not already have at home. This list is organized by where I used to buy the ingredient (before I started buying in bulk), and usually links to a specific brand that I have used before and like. That being said, I always suggest shopping around a bit for each reorder because prices can change. And I’m not brand loyal unless I can tell a difference in the quality, so I’m usually willing to try a new brand if it’s cheaper.


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(This list contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase something after clicking on the affiliate link then I get a commission. You pay the same price whether you click on my affiliate link or not. Thanks!)

Trader Joe’s

  • Jojoba Oil (You can also get it from Vitacost, but for 4-oz bottles I find it’s usually cheaper at Joe’s)


  • Epsom Salt (I usually get the 8-lb bags i

Essential Oils

(I’m not brand loyal to essential oils, either. I choose where to buy my oils based on how much they cost and what I plan to use them for. If I plan to use them for cleaning or aromatherapy, then I usually find the cheapest. If I plan to use it medicinally or in my cooking, then I typically choose a brand I consider “higher quality.” Whether it actually IS higher quality or not, I’ll let you decide for yourself!)

  • www.planttherapy.com – This is currently my absolute favorite essential oil source, as they have a wide variety at high quality oils at competitive prices. Plus, their shipping is super fast.
  • www.mountainroseherbs.com – This is where I buy all my herbs, but they also have a good selection of essential oils. Almost everything is organic, but the prices reflect that. Plus, it takes at least a week for anything to ship.
  • www.vitacost.com – This is a good place to start if you’re just testing out essential oils. You can get some decent oils pretty cheap, but I’m not very confident of the quality. I generally use these oils for cleaning products or to make the house smell good. If you use this link and sign-up, you can get $10 off your first order!