13179078_10209789483724529_4477164160318609980_n-2Hi! My name is Nicole, and this is my cupboard..I mean, my family. But before I tell you about that, let me tell you a story…

Have you ever bought something special, something just for you, then never ended up using it?

Maybe you were saving it for a special occasion, but never found an occasion that was special enough. Or you kept meaning to use it, but never found the time. Meanwhile, that “something special” sits accusingly in your cupboard, reminding you of good intentions, money wasted…and collecting dust and guilt equally.

I have been there, and I have done that! An embarrassing number of times, in fact.

True story: Before I was married, I bought a 4-piece line of hand-softening products that made me feel pretty. I spent more money than a poor college student had any business spending for it, but so sue me I loved it! It made me feel special.

Fast forward seven years when I finally dumped that exact same purchase, practically unused, in the trashcan. The exact. Same. Purchase. From seven years earlier. The product that was supposed to make me feel special, ended up becoming a burden. It ended up making me feel guilty for wasting money, and for not making the time to take care of myself.

What happened?!?!

Life Happened. College. Graduation. Marriage. Kids. Life. My everyday special moments got lost in the shuffle. Okay, maybe my special moments fell through the cracks, bounced down a hill, and got buried in the mud. And I bet yours have, too.

Life still happens everyday. But now, I have a plan!

I’ve come to realize that nobody is going to hand me that perfectly planned, easy-to-do special moment on a silver platter. I was going to have to care enough about my self to change my expectations and create my own special moments, every day.

So I began doing the things that motivated me to create Cozy Cupboard. I might not have time to sit down with my best friend every day for some hot coffee (or tea!) and an uninterrupted conversation. Heck, I don’t often get to do that even once a month!

But I DO have time to wash my hands. And I can choose to take those 30-seconds to stress about how behind schedule I am…or I can choose to use those 30-seconds as my very own Lavender Lullaby (or Perky Peppermint, or At the Beach…) special moment, and turn my day right around.

From the humble beginnings of my first Spa Party (only 2 people came…and it was free!) until now, my goal has been to create wholesome, high-end products that busy women can easily use to create their own special moments on a daily basis, without adding another burden to their already overloaded schedule.

Because you don’t need yet another product to sit accusingly on your bathroom shelf. You need a special moment that will easily integrate into your current lifestyle…Cozy Cupboard style!

Ok, now a little about me.

I am a busy pastor’s wife and homeschooling mama to 4 little blessings who are currently 7-years and younger. Despite my lack of free time, I started making homemade products for my family out of a desire to avoid the often questionable ingredients found in most store-bought brands. From those humble beginnings, I went on to develop Cozy Cupboard’s products as a way to help other busy women to quickly and easily create special moments in their days, guilt-free.